Benefits of TIBCO ActiveSpaces

   ActiveSpaces provides : 

• Coherent, in-memory, data storage and recovery.
• further than a few network data transfer options, including TCP, TIBCO Rendezvous, and TIBCO SmartPGM.
• An API which can be used to expand custom applications that use the features of ActiveSpaces. An API is accessible for the Java, C, and .NET programming languages.

   ActiveSpaces facilitates and speeds up storage and recovery of data in a distributed approach so that you can focus on writing business logic. You do not have to worry about where to store new data, where present data is stored, or if it is out-of-date.

   In addition, ActiveSpaces:

• Combines database features with a simple, easy to use middleware organization system.
• Supports many hardware and software platforms, so programs running on many different kinds of computers on a network can converse flawlessly.
• Allows programmers to with no trouble implement distributed processing of the data stored in ActiveSpaces while leveraging “data locality” using remote invocation functionality.
• Scales linearly and transparently machines/peers are extra. An increase in the number of peers in a space produces a equivalent increase in the memory and processing authority available to the space.
 • Allows your application to carry on to function easily without code modification or restart.
Allows you to apply shared-all persistence or shared-nothing persistence to persist space data on limited storage media.
 • Ensures that any modify in data is reflected on all nodes as it happens and that no node will carry stale data when reading or querying data from any node.

   From the programmer’s perspective, the ActiveSpaces software set provides the following benefits. ActiveSpaces:

• Is spread for speed, resiliency, and scalability
• Decouples producers and clients of data
• Simplifies distributed system development
• provide place transparency: there is no need to be anxious about where or how to store or discover data

• Allows applications to be notify automatically as quickly as data is customized

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