Course Details

Course Details

TIBCO ActiveSpaces Overview:

   TIBCO ActiveSpaces is a distributed in-memory data grid that provides extremely fast data access and update. While its presentation will vary depending on multiple factors, it is not uncommon for ActiveSpaces to be 100x faster than corresponding database implementations. For this reason and others described here, ActiveSpaces is part of the TIBCO Fast Data solution for exciting the burden of big data, reducing dependence on costly transactional systems, and building highly scalable, fault-tolerant application.
TIBCO ActiveSpaces Course Content

1.)TIBCO ActiveSpaces Overview
  • TIBCO ActiveSpaces
  • Data Grid Introduction
  • How a Data Grid Works
  • Data Grid Terminology
  • Introduction to ActiveSpaces
  • ActiveSpaces Enables TIBCO Products
  • Installation Overview
  • Installing ActiveSpaces
  • Installing BW Plug-in for ActiveSpaces
  • BW Plug-in Capabilities
  • ActiveSpaces Components
  • Command Line Administration
2.)Administering Spaces
  • Creating a Metaspace
  • Connecting to a Metaspace
  • Connection Process
  • Remote Clients
  • ActiveSpaces Peer
  • Space Member Roles
  • Data Operations on Spaces
  • as-agent
  • Administering ActiveSpaces
  • Starting ASMM
  • Viewing Metaspace and Space
  • Viewing Data in ASMM
  • ASPaint Sample Program
3.)Working with Data in Spaces
  • BW Plug-in Capabilities
  • Adding a Metaspace
  • Adding a Space
  • Adding Fields to a Space
  • Space Properties
  • Adding a Space Connection
  • Primary Data Operations
  • Tuple Definition
  • Retrieving Data – GET
  • Retrieving Data – TAKE
  • Building a BW Process
  • Designer Tester
4.)Browsing Data in Spaces
  • Space Browsers
  • Browser Types
  • Event Browsers versus Snapshot Browsers
  • Configuring Browsers
  • Limiting Number of Browsed Entries
  • Time Scope
  • Distribution Scope
  • Browsing Spaces Using ASMM
  • Defining and Using an Index
  • Space Browsers as Distributed Queues
5.)Listening for Changes in Spaces
  • Events in ActiveSpaces
  • ActiveSpaces Event Types
  • Event Listeners
  • Creating an Event Listener
  • Event Delivery
  • Limiting Returned Events
  • Time Scope
  • Time Scope Behaviour
  • Distribution Scope
  • Distribution Scope Example
  • Demo
6.)Managing Data in Spaces
  • Persistence
  • Types of Persistence
  • Defining Persistence
  • Configuring Persistence
  • Setting up Database Persistence
  • Recovering Persisted Data
  • Data Replication
  • Locking Data
  • Exporting Space Definitions
  • Importing Space Definitions

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